48 Port Gigabit Switch Recommendations

As long as there is network deployment, gigabit switch is always the hot spot. According to different standards, ethernet switches have various types, such as 1 gigabit switch, 10 gigabit switch, 40 gigabit switch and 100g ethernet switch. Also, there are network switches classified by port number, such as 8 port, 24 port and 48 […]


Uplink Port Vs. Normal Port on Switch

When it comes to network switch, we usually ask about the port type on the switch and the number of port, such as twenty-four 10/100/1000 Mbps ports and four SFP+ ports. If you have used managed switch in your network deployment, you must have heard about uplink port or normal port. How much do you […]


Cheap 8 Port Gigabit Switch Recommendations

We know that router plays an important role when building home network. It provides IP addresses to devices on your network as well as to route traffic to and from the internet. However, router usually has four Ethernet ports (LAN ports). That means you can only connect four network devices to the router via Ethernet […]

Fiber Optic Cable

Practical Knowledge About Fiber Optic Cable

The increasing demand of higher bandwidth has become a trend, which push the development of the transmission media. Fiber optic cable is now popular among many users. Consisting¬†of one or more optical fibers, fiber optic cable is used to transmit large amounts of information over longer distances and at higher bandwidths. It plays an important […]